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Desire, Urgency, Need
When you are first looking to sell your business take the time to ask a lot of questions not only of Venture Business Brokers but with other brokerage firms as well. That’s correct, we love competition and we want you to speak with other firms. No other brokerage firm will ever ask you to do that and why? They don’t want you to ask about their fees mostly.
Venture is very selective with the businesses we take on, we look at three characteristics and if anyone one the three are missing we will not accept that business. The first is Desire , there has to be an emotionally charged desire to do something about selling the business.  The second is Urgency, people are procrastinators by nature. They put off Christmas shopping until the last week and they wait until April 30 to file tax returns. The third is Need, if a business owner has no immediate need to sell their business why waste their time or ours.
No Sales Commisions
  Venture Business Brokers is different from traditional Business Brokers in that we do not charge a sales commission. 
Traditional Brokers will charge huge upfront "listing fees" in addition to taking up to 15% sales commission at closing. We believe that small business owners should be able to get the services that they need without having to give away their business in the process.