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How should you choose your commercial Real Estate Associate?
Venture knows for optimum results you need an agent with the right experience, proper attitude and someone who is tenacious. That includes more than just a great list of databases and contacts. A seasoned agent has ears and eyes tuned to trends in the local business community. An experienced agent anticipates your needs and keeps an eye open for any issues that might arise including legal, financial, code enforcement, title issues, licensing and marketing needs. From entrepreneurial investors and 1031 tax-exchange buyers to institutional owners and foreign capital sources, Venture Business Brokers offers a successful track record helping clients acquire, finance, and divest of income-producing real estate assets.
Venture Business Brokers works with a team of seasoned professionals around the country providing years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the local commercial real estate market. We guide our clients through the process of listing and marketing their commercial properties. We utilize a variety of database resources, listing services, internet-based advertising and direct advertising to maximize the exposure of our listings. We know how to find the right kind of buyer for your property. Our work continues beyond marketing with a commitment to servicing your listing. We don't wait for prospects to seek out your listing. We generate activity to show the property, we evaluate the qualifications of prospects and negotiate acceptable terms for all parties. We stay right by your side through every step of the process through the final closing.