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Why work with a Venture Business Broker?
Very simply you won’t be wasting your time when looking at one of our businesses that are for sale. We are very selective when taking on a business, unlike other firms that have pages of businesses for sale that have been sitting around for months or even years. In most of those firms the mindset is the more business we show for sale the better we look. On the contrary the longer the business sits the market the worse it looks for the brokerage and the business.

Venture Business Brokers will give you an unmatched level of personal service from our highly trained and skilled business brokers and business professionals 7 days a week. It is our obsession to unite entrepreneurs with their perfect business.  
Is it a business opportunity investment
or are you just buying a job? 
That’s a great question but there are 3 better questions: What is the level of hands on required? Is there a sufficient level of cash flow to permit absentee ownership? What is the expandability? Clearly there can be subtle differences when attempting to define an enterprise for sale as a business opportunity or just merely a job or as I was told a job was Just Over Broke. Many opportunities defy easy categorization as one or the other. And an opportunity might have the potential to be either a job or a business, depending on what happens after the buyer takes over.
When buying anything especially a business one would assume you would like to know what you’re “ROI” your return on investment factoring in your financing. It’s your annual cash flow after all expenses divided by your initial investment (out of pocket expense). ROI depicts the true percentage that you will make on your money in the first year. Now capitalization rate (cap rate) is your ROI if you paid cash for the property. It doesn’t include financing. It is a better way to compare apples to apples and take financing differences out of the picture. Cap rate is factored by taking your annual Net Operating Income (NOI), which is your gross income minus all expenses except debt service (principal and interest mortgage payment), and dividing that by the purchase price.
Again, Cap Rate is the percentage you would make on your money if you paid cash for the business, and ROI is what your actual percentage is when you factor financing into it.
Increases your chance of success
Working with Venture Business Brokers greatly increases your chance of success. We are a full service firm that has the ability of financing with either commercial loans bridge loans or hard money. If you require Real Estate whether its commercial or residential we have that covered as well, in all 50 states.   

Venture has built secure relationships with many of the industry leaders in the legal arena, E2 and EB5 investors, Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Crowdfunding, Bonding, Mergers and Acquisitions, Title , CPA’S,  Financial Planner, Staging and marketing your new business, Exit Strategy Planners and much, much more.