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Our Founder
Ray Pearson, a Business Intermediary, commercial Realtor and entrepreneur who decided that there had to be a better way of helping business owners across the nation sell their businesses.  
He knew that times are changing and the traditional business broker model is broken and not cost effective for most business sellers.
Ventures Goal
 Ray’s prime goal was to design the most cost effective way for business owner to sell their business with little to no stress and within the quickest time possible. A new model would provide the help a seller needs while No Commissions.  
His focus was on the one thing that a business seller needs: help finding the right buyer.  
Venture Business Brokers was soon created.
Separating from the Pack
After spending some time working for a traditional Business Broker, Ray saw how small business owners are taken advantage of by unscrupulous brokers. By charging ridiculous upfront fees and sales commissions up to 15%. Most but not all traditional brokers are outright stealing from their clients.

Because most business owners have never sold a business before and are not knowledgeable about the process, they are easily led to believe that there is no alternative to the traditional business broker model.
Dealing with Propective Buyers
The toughest and most time consuming part of selling a small business 
is finding a willing and able buyer. The process can be tedious and take an extraordinary amount of valuable time, especially frustrating for the business owners who for the most part are going it alone.
Prospective buyers will call with questions during business hours only to ask simple questions, and may show up at the business unannounced. Many of these so called buyers are simply fishing for information aka “tire kickers” and few are financially qualified to complete a transaction. Most are just wasting the sellers and brokers time.  

A seller needs a pit bull type broker who will be a buffer between themselves and the prospective buyers. To weed out the time wasters, answer questions about the business and gather information about the buyer in order to proceed with a transaction