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Venture Business Brokers  will work with you in an open listing agreement. No long-term contracts to sign. You may sell your business on your own at any time. We only get paid if we bring you a qualified buyer.  

Buyer Activity Reports
Looking To Sell Your Business-Without A Long Term Commitment
Selling Your Business-Get Your Buyers Report
Automatically every Monday morning you will see your buyer’s activity report from the week before. This indicator will alert us how active your listing is in attracting potential buyers. With this information, we have the tools to tweak your listing description, photos or SEO’s. We make slight adjustments every week to the listing as necessary to ensure that your business gets sold as quickly as possible. We also blast your listing on all the social media sites including doing a personalized YouTube video. As a client, you are given full access to all of this. We will also share the list of potential qualified buyers with you as well.
Business Specialists.
Marketing Strategies
We Know How To Market Your Business So It Sells Quickly
  • Initial Consultation with an experienced Business Consultant, in which we write a keyword optimized online Ad.
  • Your ad will be on the Top Business Listing websites.
  • We field buyer phone calls and emails 7 days a week even after 5pm while maintaining your confidentiality, so you can focus on running your business.
  • Access to view all Buyer contact information and Activity Reports. We also send you email alerts for new inquiries and activity.
  • We provide on-going support, so if you have questions about the process our experienced Business Consultants are glad to help (note: we do not provide legal or tax advice).

Looking To Buy Or Sell Your Book Of Business-We Specialize In This
Looking To Sell Your Book Of Business?
Book of business is another name for an account or client list. A well-maintained book of business will help company representatives continually improve client and customer relationship management (CRM) and focus attention on highly-valued listings while also nurturing lower-valued relationships. Want More Information.....    

Venture Business Brokers Inc. is a high-powered boutique style brokerage firm located on Long Island, New York. We specialize in the selling and acquisition of small and lower middle market businesses. biz buy sell buy a business Selling a business quickly
Venture Business Brokers will only have open listing agreements.

This ultimately allows you to place your listing in front of more buyers then locking into an exclusive listing with just one broker. We will put your business in front of more buyers than any business listing website or traditional broker can. In an opening listing, you can use more than one business broker or even sell the business yourself. In the exclusive listing, if you find a buyer by yourself, you will still have to pay a commission to your broker. However, with an open listing, you do not have to pay any commission if you find a buyer who is ready, willing and able to buy your business. If you choose to hire more than one broker, you only pay commission to the broker that finds a buyer for your business.

Many sellers think this type of listing is the ideal situation for a seller, as it appears to create a much wider market and can save them money if they find a buyer themselves. However, most brokers will not agree to this contract because they want to ensure a commission for the time they are investing in selling your business. Most brokers don’t want anything to do with this and will walk away. They don’t want the competition but more importantly they are not looking out for your best interest. Your business should be placed on several social media platforms in addition to the heavily trafficked business marketplaces.

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